New CDC Data Released

The CDC just released the latest data on suicides in the United States. A summary of the report along with the action steps being suggested by the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention can be found in this public release. NAASP Report

While globally suicides are reduced, in the United States they are still on the increase. Locally Anne Arundel County has created a plan that looks similar to the one just suggested on a national level. The national plan includes:

  1. Increasing investments in suicide prevention

  2. Promoting the role everyone has to play in preventing suicide

  3. Providing safer suicide care in health systems

  4. Reducing access to lethal means

We agree with this statement:

“We need to ensure that suicide prevention is a priority among both public and private sectors, and that it is tackled on the same scale and with the same vigor that we address other public health issues in this country,” said Bob Turner, Private Sector Chair, Action Alliance.

If you would like to learn how everyone can play a part in suicide prevention contact us for a short training in your community. Contact us here.